Client Comments

Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong.

Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong.

"Central Sun's David Ogg gave the Financial Times HK team some simple exercises and techniques to help them relax at work. Four months later I still see people using these low-key breathing exercises to ease muscle tension at their desks. Importantly, Central Sun follows up with an offer of further advice and an information sheet that reinforces the value of the session".  

Angela Mackay - Managing Director, Head of Asia Pacific, Financial Times.    

"In the first instance I would have thought of relaxation techniques as the antithesis of fitness training. My time spent with David over the years has taught me that both are part of the essential balance that is the key to true wellness". 

Frank J. Sixt - Group Finance Director, Hutchinson Whampoa Limited

“Since first meeting Dave and becoming one of his clients, I have enjoyed a life enhancing experience! Equally at ease with mental and physical challenges, Dave communicates well and meaningfully with both one’s mind and one’s body. Whether stretching a tired, stressed muscle, or educating you to better understand and communicate with your own body - Dave is a master. He gains my highest recommendation”.

Graeme J. Reading - Chairman, Cafe Deco Group

“David is a great personal trainer.  He has deep knowledge of a wide range of techniques which he is able to adapt to the particular needs of each client. Sessions with David are always interesting, fun and very effective.”

Anthony J. Nightingale - Director, Jardine Matheson Holdings Ltd

“He is a great motivator....He understands what his clients are trying to achieve and helps them get there by developing challenging, yet fun, training routines. He knows exactly how to help me alleviate the stresses in a way that is good for me both mentally and physically. Aside from his professional expertise, Dave is an absolute delightful person and I have only ever heard good things being said about him”.

Sue Cuthbertson - Former Director, Credit Suisse

"Returning to Hong Kong after many years in Silicon Valley, I was looking to change my life to become more balanced between work and family, hence needed to find someone with the ability to provide me guidance and coaching. When I was first introduced to David I was extremely impressed by his positive attitude and dedication to his work, especially his unique ability that extended far beyond the normal physical training that you find in this field. David was able to provide me with a customised program based on my life situations and incorporated the necessary stress management techniques into my physical exercise routine which exactly what I was searching for.
This completely unique approach not only made me healthier, but equally provided a foundation to be more balanced interacting with my employees, work colleagues and my own family. Furthermore, David’s experience makes him really easy to relate to, providing a calm non-judgemental nature, reflecting a genuine interest in myself and his positive approach that aids to restoring self-worth and perseverance. I have absolutely no problems in recommending David Ogg."

Michael Heffernan - Senior IT Executive, Multinational.

"The training programme that David puts together for me has allowed me to manage my workload effectively whilst maintaining a more healthy physical condition. I would not hesitate to recommend David to any company executives, particularly those with a very heavy workload."

E.C. - Chairman, Multinational. 

“It’s my great pleasure to recommend David’s natural abilities as a trainer and mentor. During the 10 years that we’ve worked out together, he has instilled in me an enduring interest in developing and maintaining my health and well being. I have never left one of his sessions not feeling lighter, brighter and better. What more do you need from your trainer?"

Ray Bashford - Chairman FTI Strategic Communications, Asia

My physiotherapist Robin Kerr introduced David years ago to help me recover from a niggling knee injury. He proved to be a wise and invaluable asset in my recovery. He is the “go to” trainer for structural, postural and preemptive tuning purposes and I have full confidence recommending him to anyone.

Charles Crofton-Atkins  - Managing Director BTIG

“The Coaching sessions with David have allowed me to re-evaluate where I am and what I want from my life. It has opened up a whole range of possibilities and choices that I felt previously were unavailable, giving me a sense of freedom, direction and confidence to truly do what I want to do. David achieves this in a way that is professional, nurturing and understanding, whilst bringing an element of fun to the process”.

JH  - Creative Director, Hunter Lodge Design (UK)

"I turned 50 this year and I had tried unsuccessfully for 10 years to stay in shape. Whenever I did try to exercise my muscles and joints protested and then ached for days afterwards. I put it down to getting old. David has changed all that in just 6 short months. He listened to all my concerns and his enthusiasm keeps me motivated. I am fitter and stronger than ever and this has had a flow on effect at work and at home. I couldn’t be happier!"

Judith Chilton - Physics and Mathematics Educator, Australian International School

"Dave effortlessly manages to get me to work hard, to believe in myself, to push myself to new limits… without criticism, without judgement and with a whole lot of compassion and humour"

Jennifer McLachlan - Head of Music, German-Swiss International

"The coaching session with David helped me to clear up my uncertainty and clarify my thoughts. It enabled me to more fully understand my position, and to make a better decision that resolved my work issue and allowed me to turn the page." 

JW - Senior Executive, Multinational Cosmetics Company.

“David regularly came to run a special motor skills development class for our kids here. The kids loved him, and the class worked very well covering all that we were looking for. David has a great temperament for working with children and I’d happily recommend him”.   

Louise Thomas - Programme Director, The Child Development Centre, HK. 

 “I trained with David from January 2015 to November 2017. I unfortunately had to move to London for work otherwise I would still be training with him. I found him to be totally understanding of my needs and desire to become fitter without the worry of injury. It is always good to have a trainer who understands how to push you just that little extra without making you wish you never ever want to exercise again. He understands what the body needs to achieve your goals and how to get the maximum benefit out of each exercise. He’s fun to exercise with as he’s ready to laugh and talk you through the whole thing. I would totally recommend David and I hope that you enjoy his workouts as much as I did”

Shanta Stevens, HK.